Why I use the Myer’s Cocktail in my Naturopathic Medical Clinic

No, not that kind of cocktail.

The Myer’s Cocktail, or Myer’s Push, is an IV of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and several B vitamins. It is a nutritional IV and is a form of vitamin therapy. It doesn’t look like the traditional IV we think of and it doesn’t take as long, either. We use the same size needle as we do for a blood draw, there is no bag to hang, and it takes about 15 minutes. This knowledge alone sets many people at ease.

But why would someone want to get vitamins by IV instead of just taking them orally? Even with a good diet, we can all use an occasional boost for healing. When there is extra stress or an illness that wears us down, bypassing the belly and getting nutrition straight to the tissues can do wonders for headaches, hypertension, COPD, asthma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, liver trouble, or any time we need to get nutrients deep into the tissues.

Serious side effects are rare with the Myer’s Push IV therapy. In my La Mesa Nauropathic Medical Clinic we always screen patients well to make sure the IV is appropriate for patients in our clinic. Minor side effects sometimes occur. We coach our patients on what might happen and they are rarely aggravated by it.

If you are curious about the Myer’s Cocktail and are wondering if it might be right for your healing, just drop us a line. We are happy to answer your questions.

The INs and OUTs of Weight Loss and Naturopathic Medicine

            A number of patients come to our La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic after experiencing the roller coaster of ups and downs of weight loss. Some of us are lucky enough to manage with willpower and portion control, but many realize that there is much more to it. It is common knowledge that a healthy weight is better for your heart and joints, prevents diabetes, and has multiple other positive effects. However, as anyone who’s tried knows, it isn’t always easy to lose weight. The emotional turmoil is ongoing for women and men alike. Patients tend to lose weight most successfully when they are focused on the health aspects of weight loss. Knowledge can be power in understanding your body’s reasons for holding onto those extra pounds, and can give you the secrets to allowing your body to “let it go” and feel well!
            Let’s talk about the INS and OUTS of what our bodies need, and the common things that can disrupt the smooth balance and regulation needed to maintain a healthy weight. It is a balancing act of liquids, nutrition, emotions, stress, exercise, and even expectations.
             Adequate water IN allows you to stay hydrated, moves nutrients through your system, and helps you eliminate the things you don’t need. Most people don’t realize that many molecules need water to sail across the spaces (or “intracellular matrix,” as pathologists call it) throughout the body. Fluid allows the sea of many complex interactions to be efficient. Water can also carry toxins out of the body via sweat, urine, or even tears. We can increase the amount of sweat OUT through exercise, saunas, and some foods.
             While calories IN and energy spent to work OUT the calories are important, blood sugar imbalance can keep you from achieving your goals. Adipose tissues, better known as fat cells, have several functions. First of all, they make great storage, don’t they? We will talk more about letting go of the storage shortly. Adipose cells also excrete minor hormones, or chemicals that communicate with the rest of the body. When the diet has blood sugar spikes, the adipose tissue is triggered to STORE the extra blood sugar as fat. In addition, chemicals such as lectin will make you hungry. Tight regulation of blood sugar can cause the adipose tissue to dump extra fat and shrink the cell. High sugar in the diet can cause blood sugar deregulation, but so can skipping meals, supplements, and many diet plans. Get your sugar checked out and work on getting it reined IN so you can get extra fat OUT.
              Speaking of calories, malnutrition can trigger those adipose cells to hold onto fat too. Diets that cause vitamin depletion encourage the body to hold onto more since it doesn’t know when it will get what it needs. Starving on poor, nutrient-imbalanced diets will further affect your hormones and will be a danger to your gallbladder and pancreatic function. It sounds like eating less would be a good idea, but in fact, severely limited diets tell your body that it is in survival mode. The body responds by trying to hold onto all nutrients in attempt to save itself! Good nutrition IN will allow for good energy and bodily function OUT.
               Another component of weight issues that I see quite often in my La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic is food intolerances. When the body is taking something IN that is irritating it, the body is less likely to lose weight. I have had a number of patients who were focusing on health and avoiding food intolerances rather than focusing on how to lose weight or counting calories, and they found that losing weight was an added bonus.
               You were wondering when I would get to stress, right? Short bursts of stress are normal, and can elicit healthy responses. Chronic stress is when we get into trouble. Chronically being under stress will cause chronic cortisol elevation and a breakdown of muscle tissue. This is when your adipose tissue is triggered to bring things IN to store, anything really. Adipose tissue storage acts like a savings account – it brings in cellular items that may be useful to the body at a later time since the body isn’t sure what’s coming next. However, adipose may also store toxins that the body cannot immediately deal with, such as plastic compounds, metals, bacteria, viruses, or emotions. After all, you are too busy dealing with stress to recognize toxins from useful molecules! Under chronic stress, the body cannot handle sorting through multiple compounds at one time, so everything is stored in the fat cell, like a closet full of junk. This can be a pretty handy mechanism of the body… except when you want to lose weight. Stress coming IN must be managed to get the storage OUT.
                Emotions dramatically affect our health, too. Negative feelings and/or judgments are not uncommon. Many of us think that we should just be able to make weight loss happen. Feelings of failure or depression can be overwhelming, and can cause unhealthy habits such as reaching for quick calories. Negative feelings may also motivate us into excessive exercise programs that can cause our bodies harm. Everyone has their own story and issues, but holding onto things that we no longer need in life can be a big obstacle, too. Letting go of things, images, or even people we no longer need can be a healthy step; your adipose cells will follow and release what they no longer need. It seems like science fiction but it is something many can associate with.
                 Blood sugar, malnutrition, chronic stress, and our emotional outlook are among the more common obstacles to losing weight, but there are also adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems, food intolerances, and infections that can be related. Each person has his or her own mix of barriers to wellness and weight loss. At my La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic I can help you seek out your answers not just to weight loss but to wellness. The investment in health that you put IN your body will allow you to get more quality of life OUT.

The Plague of Allergies and San Diego Allergy Testing

Are you sick and tired of sneezing with eyes that are gushing water? Tired of itchy nose, itchy throat, itchy eyes? I mean, come on – there are better things to do in a day, right?

Allergies plague many Americans, and here in Southern California our local Santa Ana’s and heat spells can really exacerbate our symptoms. There are lots of things that can trigger our allergy type responses. Common triggers are listed here:

Corn Pet Dander
Dairy Perfume
Dust Mites Pollen
Eggs Shellfish
Environmental Toxins Smoke
Grass Soaps
Horses Soy
Latex Trees
Mold Wheat/Gluten
Peanuts Yeast

Some can be controlled more easily than others.  In our La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic, we work on strengthening your overall health so your body doesn’t need to be so hyperactive to the things that appear foreign.

We can also talk about allergy testing and what is right for you.  There is the typical IgE allergy testing but there is also IgG allergy testing which can help identify other items causing your allergies.

Most patients who come to me would like to get rid of their allergies once and for all. After working with me for a season and adjusting their diet, optimizing their nutrient levels, getting a few herbs and addressing any underlying health problems, patients can potentially be allergy free the following year!

Naturopathic Pediatrician Talks about Stomach Pain

Hearing your child complain of belly pain can be confusing and worrisome. Parents often try to make sense of it-whether it has to do with food or stool. Belly pain can be caused by many things such as: inflammation, digestive concerns, food allergies, constipation, and more. Options usually offered to pediatric patients include Miralax, PPI’s, steroids, and sometimes the suggestion of avoiding dairy or gluten. Naturopathic options are more plentiful including gentle alternatives such as botanicals, nutrition evaluations, testing for gastrointestinal infections, colitis, or food sensitivities. Call your Naturopathic Doctor to find your options. Stop the worry.

Finding the options that work for you empowers you and your kid to feel good so you can both do the things you love.


Naturopathic Treatment for Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in kids is not an uncommon thing to see in my Naturopathic office. Anxiety can surely cause lack of sleep, digestive complaints, elimination problems, troubles breathing, problems with focus and concentration, and can most certainly prevent children from performing at their best. Sometimes identifying that anxiety is the cause of the problem is the key to solving it. There are times however; when metabolic, neurotransmitter, or physiological issues are at the heart of the problem and you may want to explore and tweak levels of nutrition and their chemical balance before trying a pharmaceutical solution. There are many alternative tools and options to resolve anxiety that children are especially receptive to as methods of treatment.

Saw Palmetto

Is your Saw Palmetto irritating you or nourishing you?
       Saw Palmetto fruit is the 3rd most popular herb sold in the U.S., bringing in $32 million annually. Mostly this herb is snatched off the shelf by women shopping for their husband. Most commonly known used for the prostate.
       Also known as Serenoa repens, this botanical can act like a diuretic, decongestant and as an anti-inflammatory. It nourishes the male reproductive system, decreases prostate growth and amazingly enough, it can also help women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It limits the conversation of testosterone to the next step, dihydrotestosterone which causes all the abnormal prostate growth and PCOS irritation.
       Saw Palmetto can be very effective herb but only if you take the right kind. Saw Palmetto has been in the news for marketing as Saw Palmetto and great attributes but containing fake ingredients. Many companies have filled their pills with useless fillers and unripe fruit. Most consumers don’t really know if the mix of lutein, beta carotene, zeaxanthin and other herbal properties in their product is active and good quality.
       If you want to benefit from Saw Palmetto and want to avoid the other chemicals and pesticides, our La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic is happy to recommend to our patients highest quality products with proven track records.

No Plastics Please

What’s the stretch on plastics and how they affect our health? Phthalates are the industrial chemicals used to make plastics flexible. We can find them in fast food packaging, medical, household cleaners, cosmetics, beauty products, flame retardants and more. Consumers are usually unaware since it is not required to list them as ingredients. Even gloves used for food prep contains BPA.
       These toxins are known for disrupting estrogen, thyroid and testosterone as well as links to cancer and fertility problems. Awareness is a great first step but also know that the substitutes for BPA are likely to be just as toxic. We won’t be able to avoid all plastics but we can limit our exposure as much as possible. Try the alternatives of stainless steal containers for lunch, silicon and of course the old fashion glass at home.

Additional Treatment Options for Vulvadynia Patients

Although learning about the low oxalate diet is almost always revolutionary for patients in my Journey of Health Medical Clinic, they find there are other tools that can help them heal faster than the diet change alone.

Everybody is an individual though and we must keep this in mind. Each person has their own story about how they developed vulvadynia; what aggravates this frustrating disease and how is started.

Goals for wellness in our La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic include:

  1. Getting the bottom of it- figuring out where it first started and why is the body reacting this way.
  2. Identifying what is causing inflammation and decreasing the inflammation. This can be food, chemicals, bacteria, virus or other toxicities.
  3. Nourishing the body, particularly the parts of the body that are causing pain or dysfunction.
  4. Strategically target the where and what, while returning the body to normal.

These goals bring about the happiest patients without any symptoms.

There are many stories and many factors that contribute to vulvadynia – chronic infections, chronic antibiotics, fluoroquinolone toxicity, emotional components, sexual trauma and food issues. The good news is when you treat the cause, patients make very good recovery.

Tools that my patients find helpful for healing include homeopathy, botanicals and nutritional supplement. Homeopathy can encompass the physicals and emotional aspects of a person and create shift when people are stuck.

Botanicals or herbs in the form of tea, tinctures or capsules can help treat infection; inflammation as well as soothe tissues.

Nutritional supplements can help deficiencies and genetics.

Cell salts can provide essential basic nutrients for tissue healing.

Food intolerance testing can identify foods that irritate the body.

My hope for patients is for them to find their optimal health. Find a practitioner that will help you consider your options so you too may find your optimal wellness.

Panic Attacks

When patients sit in my La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic and describe panic attacks, I hear all sorts of things. Sometimes they tell me they get hot or can’t take a deep breath. Patients also say their heart beats fast, or they may faint or they get tunnel vision.

       Sometimes they say they are not anxious at all but they can feel it closing in on them. They try all sorts of tricks to calm down- some find things that work in overcoming panic attacks and nothing seems to work for others.
       If others have not had a panic attack or felt anxiety symptoms, it’s hard for them to understand what the experience is like. No matter how your panic attacks are specifically played out- they aren’t pleasant and patients want to know how to stop panic attacks. It is often a pleasant surprise to patients and to me as a Naturopathic doctor to see panic attacks fade off and not return when we focus on general health, improving overall health. But there are times when patients are desperate for options.
       Panic attacks can indeed be caused by stress and emotions but there are several other causes that can increase the body’s tendency to panic attacks. Stress hormones are a crucial part of these. Panic attacks are a sign that you need help regulating those stress hormones. It may also be a sign that your adrenals are crying out for support. Helping your body break down stress hormones can help too. Bacteria in our gut, as we have heard on NPR, are crucial to our mood.
       Don’t panic. There are options for those pesky, not well timed panic attacks. Find the time to get into our Journey of Health Medical Clinic and get solutions. I, personally, love to see my patients find answers so they can do the things they love.

La Mesa Naturopathic Doctor Discusses Echinacea: A Top Selling Herb in the US

 Echinacea brought in $16 million in the U.S. and was 8th most popular herb sold. It is a wonder why it didn’t make #1!  Most everyone knows of echinacea, common name of Purple Coneflower. There are two types, Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea augustifolia with the roots and leaves being used.
     Echinacea contains large polysaccharide molecules called heteroglycans. This is where Echinacea gets its shining reports. There are many types of heteroglycans such as Echinacin A and B and Echinacein and these constituents have the immune stimulating properties that most people are looking for in echinacea. There are other flavonoids, essential oil, and allyamides that help stimulate the immune system as well. Echinacea promotes natural killer cells to do their job and immune cells that act like pac-man to virus, bacteria, cancer, and trash. Echinacea constituents are well studied and continue to fascinate us with modern day paintball and laser tag action.
     There are many forms of Echinacea. Germany alone has 40 different echinacea products. Echinacea is usually taken as tincture or pills and less often as tea, although tea is fine too. Widely used for common colds, sore throats and flus, it is also used routinely to prevent illness in those with a less active immune system such as cancer, chronic fatigue, chronic infection, and AIDS. Lesser known uses include for recurring boils, topical use, and as an antidote for snake bites by reducing the venom effects.
     Echinacea is quite safe even in higher doses, in children and for autoimmune patients. Side effects are well studied and very few reported. Unfortunately, Echinacea is disappearing from the wild since it has been over harvested and picked for floral arrangements. In my La Mesa Naturopathic Clinic I use a variety of botanicals in our herbal practice and always use clean products without the fillers.