Improve Digestion: Simple Steps

With a few simple steps, you can improve your digestion. It is not as hard as you think.
Smell the food when it is cooking. It will activate the right channels and allow the digestive juices to get flowing. Having digestive juice waiting for the food is normal while a dry stomach on food arrival is not.
Salivate. This is an indication that those digestive juices have started. The first step in breaking down your food starts in your mouth. There is a balance to digestive juices but more people do not have enough to help them digest the food than the other way around.
Smash and smush the food. In other words, chew your food. Chew it well. Smaller pieces of food are easier to break down. A huge hunk will take much longer hanging around in your stomach to get broken down when it should be out of the stomach within 20 minutes.
Stop what you are doing. When you run a marathon, you tend not to eat. During the heat of the day, your body is busy keeping cool and you also tend not to eat. Allow your body time to digest.
Sit when you eat. Don’t stand or work on a project. Those things will get done. Sit and signal to your body that now is the time to digest – something it will never get done unless you take time for it.
Savor the food. The old Egyptian reclining chairs are a perfect picture for the savor your belly organs need for digesting food. Enjoy not just the food but the conversation with friends, family or the scenery.
The Hopeless Habits
These habits will hinder digestion and can cause a horrible hiccup in how you feel throughout the day.
Hurry. We all have things to hurry about but this puts our body in the fight or flight mode. Digestion doesn’t take place in this mode. We have to create a ‘repair and rejuvenate’ mode for good digestion.
Harassment. Any type of conflict – whether it is a project you are working on, an argument or heated discussion at the table or an active movie – can affect your body’s ability to relax and digest.
Hogging it down is not going to help either. Your body needs space and enough digestive juices to digest. Overeating can press on those other organs.
The above S habits are so effective that they will likely eliminate any need for digestive enzymes which is a popular product nowadays. Adapting to these habits is a good start for any digestive problem. Digestive tea and Gentian & Skullcap promote normal healthy digestive function before we have to bring out the big guns.
We are here to help you on your Journey of Health. Please let us know how we can serve you better.
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