Homeopathy and Hydrotherapy for the Family

This class is what many of you have been waiting for! Learning how to use the basic tools of homeopathy and hydrotherapy in your every day life. Lots of philosophy about natural medicine will be discussed too. These classes have a history and tendency to create comradery and connection among students who desire to learn about some old fashioned health history.

Spring 2022

Class Schedule: Saturdays 9-12 pm PST.

April 23rd, 9-12.
April 30th, 9-12.
May 7th, 9-12.
May 14th, 9-12.
May 21st, 9-12
May 28th, male up day if needed.

Cost: $150 for 5 classes. Payment is due April 20th. Payment can be made by Paypal here. Arrangements can also be made for payment over the phone.

Where: Zoom for class time. A working camera will be needed to create connection during the class. We will be using breakout rooms to collaborate with your classmates. Class notes will be emailed.

Class size: The number of students will be capped at 15, however most class sizes are around 10-12 people allowing for you to get to know each other.

Syllabus includes natural medicine philosophy, homeopathy history, miasms, emunctories, hydrotherapy history, vitalism and many terms used in these topics. Class material builds upon each previous class so it is imperative that you commit to the full class. It is not fair to take up class time catching you up while your classmates are ready to move to the next topic. Although some students have been able to skip a class due to a vacation and not disrupt the whole class.

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