Parasites and Bacteria Cleanse

Do you wonder if you have parasites and bacteria? Or if your microbiome is in balance?  Microbiome imbalance can affect our mood, belly aches and digestive complaints, can lead to food intolerances, cause brain fog, skin itching and rashes, and so much more.  There are some unique tools that the natural medicine has been using for decades to find answers for you.

Our Parasitic & Bacteria Cleanse Program will help you identify the bad bugs (parasites and bacteria) that are invading your body and preventing you from living your healthiest life.  A 12-week program, it includes:

  • First visit with head to toe assessment with Dr. Shannyn
  • Two 30-minute follow-up visits with Functional Medicine options
  • A phone check-in visit with Dr. Fowl to evaluate your progress and answer questions
  • Blood work
  • 2 stool panel kits
  • $75 toward products

This program can be modified for children.

Imagine where you could be in 12 weeks after identifying your microbiome problems.

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Getting the right care tailored to your needs important, and we proudly serve San Diego with the best Naturopathic (and Pediatric Naturopathic) Holistic Medicine.

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