Aging Gracefully with Natural Medicine

Our goal is aging gracefully. We want to be as youthful as possible both inside and outside. Using our knowledge of normal physiology and what know about our tools can help us shape some key points.

The Basics of Aging Gracefully

Eating right for you. Veggies are always a good idea- as many servings and colors as you can get in. Fruits are important too. Beans are a common denominator among the oldest living populations in the world and likely that is related to feeding the diverse microbiotic world of the gut. Protein sources and healthy fats are important. Avoid those foods you know don’t agree. They just aren’t worth the trouble.

Exercise should include balance exercises and for those at risk for osteoporosis- weight bearing exercises. Moving is key to vitality and feeling strong.

Antioxidants are imperative to aging well. The sooner we incorporate them in our routine, the sooner they can protect your tissues from oxidation or aging. It is never too late to start. Work with your naturopathic doctor who is especially trained in antioxidant ratios and can pick out the multivitamin that you will see results on.  Lutein/Zeanthinin are protective for the eyes while we are seeing an increase in macular degeneration and retinal detachment.  Curcumin is anti-inflammatory helping health lipid protection and joints.  The right B’s are important for methylation challenges especially in MTHFR.

Mental workouts are important to keep that brain working. Whether you are taking a cooking class or doing puzzles or learning a new language; new learning helps to keep the brain active.

Be Aware of YOUR Particular Health Problems

Knowing your risk factors gives you the power to prevent worse damage. This is where your naturopathic doctor is especially important. They are looking out for ways to prevent and to make your susceptible areas stronger. It is a completely different way of looking at healthcare but patients are refreshed to feel they can be empowered and do something about their health risks instead of waiting for things to happen.

Whether your risk factors include dementia or arthritis, both of which impact your life and your loved ones, you can nourish your brain or joints and give it the tools it needs to prevent damage as well as preventing the damage from taking place. It seems like a simply novel idea and it really is with patients showing much appreciation in the simplicity.

3. Decrease Overall Inflammation
Inflammation is a normal part of aging so if we can ramp up the tools to slow it down, we can notice that a number of factors can improve from mood to libido to memory and focus. Many primary concerns such as gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, rheumatic is brought on by inflammation. We have to treat the cause and not the symptom. Natural solutions are in demand so there may be many protocols that you have never heard of that are working in your naturopath’s office.

4. Money is an Investment
Money is an object for health and happiness. Yes, good health costs money. Alzheimer’s disease is a high cost to a family and society. Investing in your brain, especially if you are at risk, with high-quality products specified for you does no harm and may actually help. Many diseases cost an incredible amount of money but a maintenance plan of health habits and a regimen of individualized products that do not interfere with essential medications can help combat the risks and live healthier, happier, full lives.

Consider your options for aging gracefully.


  1. RICE ARNAUD says

    Life is better when you are healthy, Please put your health first.

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