Adult Celiac Program

Our adult celiac program is designed for those wondering if gluten (wheat) is causing you health problems. Find out if gluten is hurting your body and how to move forward in health. Dr. Shannyn Fowl will draw a blood panel specific for Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance; then she will map a plan for you that includes diet recommendations, homeopathy, botanical/herbal medicine and more. Consumption of wheat three months prior to testing is necessary for accuracy.

Our Adult Celiac Program includes:

  • A 1-hour initial consultation with Dr. Shannyn Fowl
  • 1 30-minute follow-up visit with Dr. Fowl
  • A Lab draw for a Celiac Panel
  • $75 toward products

Our discounted price of $317 (normally $423) is a 25% discount.

Call us now at (619) 772-1164 to schedule your first visit.

Getting the right care with your specific needs in mind is important, and we proudly serve some of the best naturopathic solutions in the San Diego area.

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