Emerson Ecologics: Refill your medicinary Directly

It is a common question from our patients about why they should order from our office or partners, like Emerson Ecologics, instead of another online source.  Many online stores may indeed sell the same or similar product for a cheaper price but it can be tampered with, have harmful ingredient additions, stored in a hot warehouse, stock may not be rotated, or shipping may affect the quality of the product.

We partner with trusted resources with quality product procedures in place and a large selection to ensure you get the best nutraceutical for your situation.  There are a few products that are the exception and can be bought elsewhere without harm and we are happy to point these out to you in your treatment plan.  We are conscious of your financial needs and will help guide you to the most effective forms and quality of products to get you the best health results.

  • Easily order the products our office recommends – online or by phone from Wellevate or Fullscript
  • Receive guaranteed three-day shipping
  • Set up Auto Delivery of your supplements so you never run out

If you have questions, please contact our clinic.  This resource is for our patients only. We can also provide you with codes for supplements so you can find them easily on the partner sites.

Emerson Ecologics Wellevate (click on the image below):

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