A Different Diabetic or Prediabetic Approach

If you are diabetic or prediabetic, you need options. It is not necessary to wait and see how treatment goes, watch your strength diminish, risk losing fingers or a foot, or go blind due to high sugar levels. Early in the diagnosis, it is often possible to keep the pancreas working even with Type 1 diabetics. It has long believed that Type 1 diabetics have no insulin secretion from the pancreas but researchers are confirming that with hard work, it can be managed with minimal insulin and at times even reversed.

For individuals who are dedicated to a better quality of life, finding not just your lifestyle options but also seeking out the triggers or start of disease can help empower you to better wellness. The two most powerful lifestyle tools for diabetics or pre-diabetics are diet and exercise. Research repeats itself when verifying how beneficial 30 minutes of movement 5 days out of the week is for increasing insulin sensitivity. Diet is also crucial for managing blood sugar levels and often the most challenging part of a diabetic’s treatment. High sugar levels in the body can be incredibly damaging for all the parts of your body that have small vessels – eyes, kidneys, fingers, and toes – and it is not worth the risk! No sugar is worth the damage. There are many yummy foods that can be eaten instead. Proteins and veggies are your new friends. Carbohydrates and grains should be limited or eliminated since they turn into sugar in your body. Allowing fruit can be negotiable depending on the patient’s history. Another way to deal with blood sugars is to ensure the pancreas and digestive system are working at tip top shape.

At the same time we are addressing your insulin and blood sugar, we need to protect your vessels and organs from damage. We can often do this with herbs. After we have achieved a safe balance of your sugar levels and protecting against further damage, we can begin to find the cause behind the diabetes. Although diet plays a role, many people may eat horrible diets without developing diabetes.

If you or a loved one are diabetic or prediabetic and ready to change your risk factors or get diabetes under control, you may be a good candidate for our office. Please call our office to find out more information about becoming a patient.

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