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One of the tenets of naturopathic medicine is “Doctor as teacher”. As a strong believer in the doctor’s role in educating the wider community, Dr. Shannyn makes herself available to speak before small and large audiences about various health-related topics.

With vast experience in public speaking and teaching, Dr. Shannyn’s seminars are informative and engaging to people of all age groups and various levels of knowledge about health. Dr. Shannyn is recognized as one of the best alternative doctors in San Diego.

If you would like Dr. Shannyn to speak before your group, organization, or school, please contact the office.

Classes offered by Dr. Shannyn

Location: San Diego Community College Continuing Education
All classes are open to the general public.

Homeopathy and Hydrotherapy for the Family

Offered annually.

Classes offered by Dr. Shannyn are coming soon!

Location: Cesar Chavez Campus at San Diego Community College
In this class, students will learn about homeopathy and water therapy and how to apply it for use in their family.  Homeopathy teaching will include philosophy, specific remedies and common ailments.  Constitutional homeopathy is beyond the range of this class.  The history of hydrotherapy, basic physiology and the many ways it can be applied.  General philosophy and the basic modalities used in naturopathic medicine will also be touched on.  Classes will include lectures, handouts, discussion, informal quizzes and hands-on application of natural medicine techniques. Students will have the opportunity to experiment on themselves and learn from the collective experience of the class.   Scholarly articles may be provided during the class to provide scientific evidence related to class discussion.

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Introduction of Naturopathic Medicine

Offered several times a year since 2010.

Classes offered by Dr. Shannyn are coming soon!

Location: Cesar Chavez Campus at San Diego Community College
Come experience natural medicine first hand. Learn about the philosophy and basic modalities used to cure the common and uncommon health complaints of today. This course will include lectures, handouts, discussion and the collective experience of fellow students.  Many students describe this class experience as life changing as they learn tools they will use for the rest of their lives and open their eyes to how the old medicine blends with the new.  From grandmother medicine to the start of double blind trials, this class leaves the learner begging for more.  Empower yourself and your family.

18 CEU’s offered for nurses for Introduction of Naturopathic Medicine


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