Live with Chronic Disease

Healing from chronic disease takes time. We have to remember this when we are healing. Being patient with our bodies is not always easy. Our bodies should work, right? They should respond quickly when we do good things for them, right? It can be a vicious cycle of being too tired to do the things to take care of ourselves and being frustrated when we do take care of ourselves and don’t get well. In reality, it often takes about half the time you have been experiencing the problem to recover from illness.

Healing takes energy. We have to save energy for our healing. I usually tell patients with chronic disease to save about 30% of their energy for healing. Did you know play is healing? Do not feel guilty for playing, resting, and mediating. Research consistently shows the link between healing and mind-body work. Plan to spend some of your healing time doing the things you love and that nourish you.

Healing is much like a project. Don’t let it take over your life. It can take over when you have to stop extracurricular activities because of fatigue, pain, diarrhea, or another health problem. It is important for your own psyche or emotional wellness to treat illness like a project. Open up the binder with your medical notes, diet plan, supplement list, and movement plan; work on your plan for wellness and close it up. Act on the plan and pick a time to re-evaluate what is working and what is not. When we live with ourselves day in and day out, we can have a hard time figuring out what may or may not have changed.

Healing is a journey so plot out one leg at a time. Steady course.

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