Tinnitus symptoms affects men more often than women and is twice as common in the south part of the United States. Treating the cause rings true for this condition. There are many, many causes. Easily ruled out by modern day tests and exams are otosclerosis, which is hardening of the ear bones, and acoustic neuromas, which can cause obstruction. Wax can complicate any hearing issue so digestion or food intolerances may need to be addressed. Trauma to the head or excessive noise may also cause ringing in the ear. A low birth weight can affect neurology development later in life.

Infection is more common than we think. The inner ear is a wonderful place for hiding of viruses or even Lyme, especially if there is already some toxicity being stored in the ear. Toxicity in the ear can be caused by heavy metals, monosodium glutamate, caffeine, and many drugs such as aspirin, any antibiotic ending with mycin, quinine, lasix, or alcohol. Infections are high on my list when there are a number of other symptoms along with tinnitus. Metabolic imbalances such as anemia and thyroid disorders can contribute. High blood pressure or simply a change in blood flow through the arteries into the head, which are very close to the ear bones, can cause noise. Lymph swelling or backup into the ear, also known a hydrops, can be a factor, as well. An autoimmune condition may also be a possible cause.

Tinnitus is not something to be ignored. Nervous tissue is often affected and these cells do not regenerate. After 6 months, 90% of tinnitus patients have neural damage in the hearing sensory system. Patients with tinnitus often find themselves in an endless vicious cycle of ear noise, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Our successful tinnitus management programs are designed around the patient. For example, depending on the individual, a patient may describe his or her noise as low pitched, high pitched, and with a variety of descriptions like a bell, horn, or pipe. Homeopathy can be a powerful part of the treatment plan and these descriptors are very useful. Three quarters of individuals find help from acoustic therapy which may include hearing aides, ear plugs or muffs when sleeping or around noise, and the appropriate use of music. Botanicals may be prescribed for anti-viral purposes, to increase circulation, or as effective anti-inflammatories. Detox methods are always important in tinnitus. Supplementation of missing minerals or vitamins and restriction of salt may be necessary.

Tinnitus is a challenging, frustrating symptom but only just that – a symptom. Finding the underlying cause is when patients find their answers to getting relief and moving on with their lives. We can help discover the root of the problem. Call 619-772-1164 to begin your journey of health!


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