Food Sensitivity, Allergy & Asthma Program

The Food Sensitivity, Allergy and Asthma Program includes:

  • First visit with Dr. Shannyn Fowl with head to toe assessment
  • A finger stick IgG Food panel for 96 foods (larger panels are available)
  • 30-minute follow-up visit with Dr. Fowl
  • One supplement, based on the results

Food allergies can cause all kinds of health issues, including indigestion, fatigue, skin disorders, and irritability. Our food sensitivity, allergy, and asthma program will test for 96 food allergies and then chart a program to get you enjoying your food and optimal health!

Do I react to foods is one of the most common questions patients have and want clear answers to.

Our discounted price of $391 (normally $521) is a 25% discount.

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