In the recent and rising outbreaks of pertussis, or whooping cough in San Diego, we have learned that vaccines may not prevent disease. Close to ¾ of the individuals who got pertussis were vaccinated kids. Now this could be for all sorts of reasons and the CDC visited San Diego to compile data to see if they could find some trends. I can speculate as to what they will recommend. Boosters for adults.

We do want to prevent minor illnesses developing into serious disease however the cyclic dynamics of this virus may cause a chronic need for the vaccine. It is being encouraged in adults now, to ‘protect the herd’ since they harbor the virus in their throats after the vaccine protection has expired. This is one of the factors that contribute to the re-emergence of the whooping cough. Another is the genetic changes in the virus.

Infants three months and under are at the most risk but I think we will find that breastfed babes are protected by their mother’s immunity. I haven’t seen any research to this effect but related research on other childhood viruses show this is a reliable way to prevent seriousness of the disease. Research on Sambucus, also known as elderberry, has an affinity for pertussis and the mucosal tissues that is targets. There are many natural ways to support the immune system and prevent the seriousness of pertussis.

The general public is demanding natural ways to deal with health concerns and I believe it is our responsibility to provide the knowledge that there is age-old, evidence based tools and solutions for whooping cough and many other health issues.

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