Natural Treatment for Anxiety in Kids

Anxiety in kids is a common thing to encounter in a naturopathic clinic. It can be all consuming for both kid and parents especially around separation and/or sleep.  I recommend kids who experience anxiety to be treated with homeopathy.  Homeopathy are natural remedies for child anxiety whether younger children or teenage anxiety and these natural remedies are a powerful integrative tool in natural medicine that can help kids adjust to their surroundings.  Starting school can be one of those triggers.  Kids with social anxiety can find it difficult to make decisions in a group and most education is geared toward collaborative group teaching.  They may act the part but their anxiety will continue to accumulate until there is an outlet such as a physical symptom- sore throats, or belly pain  with constipation are really common.  The worry and feeling of being overwhelmed are difficult to express especially when trying to be good at school.

Other children with anxiety may be super sensitive either emotionally or physically.  Even the smallest suggestion of a problem can send them running to someone for safety.  The feeling of abandonment can also be something that is triggered by anxiety.  It is a real fear for them that dominates their ability to learn and thrive.  If a teacher is sweet and safe with the child, they may do well but if the teacher is not warm but more strict, the child can think that the teacher is always mad at them or that they are bad creating a block to the learning.   Homeopathy can reduce a child’s anxiety overcoming both emotional distraction and reoccurring physical issues at the same time.  The child can improve in a holistic way when we consider everything.

Your Naturopathic Pediatric Doctor can also consider the other tools in naturopathic medicine that can be contributing to anxiety.  Integrative medicine can include looking at diet, nutrition through labs and history or supplements for child anxiety while naturopathic medicine can suggest herbs for anxiety and food intolerances contributing to the anxiety. Physical problems can also be related to the ability to focus and this is where functional medicine comes in handy. The complaint may not be something that can be clearly seen on a lab but we know there is a dysfunction such as pain, constipation or reflux or even frequent illness.  These are all physical symptoms that can come along with anxiety.

Homeopathy can be a very helpful tool.  It delivers information to the body to help get out of a stuck mode such as anxiety.  Finding the resources you need within the community can also be a key to dealing with depression or anxiety which can often be a lack of self confidence in kids.

We specialize in this kind of thing and see anxiety frequently in our office so it’s not a new idea for us. Getting the right care for your child is important and tailored for your child’s specific body and situation in mind. At Journey of Health Naturopathic Clinic we are dedicated to finding the right integrative solutions for each patient. We proudly serve the San Diego area, providing some of the best service in naturopathic medicine. If you wish to further your own journey of health with naturopathic solutions and alternative medicines, give us a call at (619) 772-1164.  We offer free 10 minute consults so you can see if we are the right fit for you and you family.  Reach out and learn more about your holistic medicine options today!

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