Additional Treatment Options for Vulvadynia Patients

Although learning about the low oxalate diet is almost always revolutionary for patients in my Journey of Health Medical Clinic, they find there are other tools that can help them heal faster than the diet change alone.

Everybody is an individual though and we must keep this in mind. Each person has their own story about how they developed vulvadynia; what aggravates this frustrating disease and how is started.

Goals for wellness in our La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic include:

  1. Getting the bottom of it- figuring out where it first started and why is the body reacting this way.
  2. Identifying what is causing inflammation and decreasing the inflammation. This can be food, chemicals, bacteria, virus or other toxicities.
  3. Nourishing the body, particularly the parts of the body that are causing pain or dysfunction.
  4. Strategically target the where and what, while returning the body to normal.

These goals bring about the happiest patients without any symptoms.

There are many stories and many factors that contribute to vulvadynia – chronic infections, chronic antibiotics, fluoroquinolone toxicity, emotional components, sexual trauma and food issues. The good news is when you treat the cause, patients make very good recovery.

Tools that my patients find helpful for healing include homeopathy, botanicals and nutritional supplement. Homeopathy can encompass the physicals and emotional aspects of a person and create shift when people are stuck.

Botanicals or herbs in the form of tea, tinctures or capsules can help treat infection; inflammation as well as soothe tissues.

Nutritional supplements can help deficiencies and genetics.

Cell salts can provide essential basic nutrients for tissue healing.

Food intolerance testing can identify foods that irritate the body.

My hope for patients is for them to find their optimal health. Find a practitioner that will help you consider your options so you too may find your optimal wellness.

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