Reflections on Teaching

Like most teachers, I love to see the thrill of that ah-ha! moment in my students. I am able to open a whole new world to them. The general public really is curious about the history of natural medicine. We do some brain stretching and deep thought about the many philosophical evolutions of health, most of which stem from the teachings of Hippocrates.

Students also love the take-home tools they get in the class. Many of my students have some understanding of natural medicine but do not understand how to apply it to day-to-day life or how to reap the long-term rewards.

There really is a lot to learn. I provide an incredible amount of information to my students. They tell me that there is a lot to absorb – different philosophies, history, homeopathy and its uses, hydrotherapy, nutrition and finding the right diet, immunology, unusual labs, herbs, the difference between the wellness and disease models, temperaments, effects of stress and stress management, herbs, etc., are all topics I discuss in class.

My goal is to introduce these concepts, but since we’re only able to scratch the surface, every class reports that they want more (regardless of how overwhelmed they may feel with the info already provided).

In my class, we show respect for all modalities so we can openly discuss how pharmaceuticals and surgery can co-mingle with food, homeopathy, herbs, and more. Not only do we emphasize treating the whole person and the cause, but we also explore the Doctrines of the Naturopathic Profession, which include the Doctrine of Dual Dose, or the idea that all treatments have an immediate as well as a lasting result. My aim is to achieve healing in both instances, without side effects.

I am always happy to hear back from my students; both nurses and the general public report back to me a year after the class ends. The experience of learning new tools and a new philosophy changes their lives. Often times, my class changes the way my students carry out their careers. As one student told me, what a shame it would be for someone to miss out on my class simply because he or she didn’t know about it!

I remember the thrill I felt when I discovered naturopathy. It was like I had found a secret to health and an art that put together the tools to treat the individual. Passing on naturopathic philosophy is my job – Doctor as Teacher is another tenet of naturopathy. I am quite excited, indeed, to hear that so many of my students can find the tools that empower them in achieving good health.

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