Probiotics and Traveling: Naturopathic Recommendations

Patients often ask me about probiotics and many  find great help in the high quality probiotics that we sell in our La Mesa Naturopathic clinic. These good probiotics have to be refrigerated, so how can we keep the good bugs coming when we travel or go on vacation? High quality probiotics can last for 5 days or so out of the refrigerator. I do not advise taking the whole bottle with you during travels but you can take the capsules that you will use. If there is no access to refrigeration away from home, there are two other probiotics that are stable at room temperature and that can help you stay healthy on vacations:

1. Culturelle – This is only one strain and a low dose, but it can work for many patients.

2. HMF Travel – This is a multi-strain option and a high protective dose.

*Both of these recommended products can be found at our clinic.


  1. Elise Epstein says

    Where can i purchase the travel versions of probiotics for my daughter?
    Culterelle and HMF Travel

    • Dr. Shannyn says

      Thanks for your patience in getting an answer!
      You can easily find Culturelle at groceries, health food stores and even pharmacies. HMF Travel is a bit more tricky to find since they are sold through practitioners. Perhaps you can find a practitioner near you. I recommend against ordering online since most websites may have relabeled or expired products as well as it being stored in a hot warehouse which will effect to potency. We offer a weblink for patients to order directly through the distributor. Sometimes you can order directly through the company as well.
      Hope that helps!!

    • Dr. Shannyn says

      Feel free to reach out to my office. My main page also allows you to sign up for an account and order through Fullscript as well.

  2. Hello Dr. Shannyn,
    I want to order the suggested probiotics Culturelle brand for my autistic child but i am anxiously reluctant because off those colors and Maltodextrin in the ingredients list even if the product shows it is NON GMO!
    Hidroxipropil metilcelulosa, Sucrosa, Maltodextrina, Ascorbato de Sodio, Estearato de Magnesio Vegetal, Dióxido de Silicona y Colores (Dióxido de Titanio, FD&C Rojo #40, FD&C Azul #1)
    Can you please help in this?

    • Dr. Shannyn says

      Yes, that can be tricky. It depends on the needs of the child. There are many probiotics options and the cleanest form I tend to use is from Klaire labs, however sometimes it is not a good idea to take any probiotics. As you can see it depends on the individual since we don’t want to overtreat with probiotics either. Finding a practitioner who can guide you as to what is best for you or in this case, your child, can be very helpful

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