Is there a Natural Remedy for Allergy Symptoms?

Seasonal allergies, dog allergy, cat allergy, pollen allergy and food allergies are related.  One can lead to the other.   Seasonal allergies and asthma can be resolved quickly with botanicals or homeopathy as well as by addressing food allergies.   Signs of food allergies or intolerances can be a wide range of problems from food allergy rash or eczema, to palpitations, inability to concentrate, behavior challenges, pooping problems or belly aches.  Wheat allergy or gluten allergy and gluten intolerance are fairly common and can cause an immediate reaction when eaten for some.  Other most common food allergies include dairy, soy, citrus, fish, coconut, corn and nuts.  If the foods are eliminated for several weeks and then eaten again, the reaction can be pretty obvious. 

There are several food allergy tests.  The skin scratch is one test that many of us have had done, but only tests for anaphylactic reactions or hives, and many of us know this reaction already.  Stool samples can tell us reactions within the belly.  The IgG blood test helps identify all the other reactions, which can often be mysterious reactions that seem unconnected to food.  Palpitations, rash, behavior and brain fog can all be food allergy symptoms and can be identified with IgG food allergy testing.  There is some controversy over which test to use for accuracy and this is related to the lack of standardization of the food base being used in labs; only a few foods are the same in all labs.  Proper technique of obtaining blood can also affect accuracy.  Often patients had no idea that a fruit, vegetable or meat was causing such horrible consequences for them when the foods show up on an IgG blood test.

Kids with food allergies can find great answers in a simple blood test and elimination diet. The food allergy diet is only a part of an individual’s food allergy cure.  Most individuals should be able to eat most foods again with proper treatment.  Healing also involves finding the causes of food allergies.  Overall health and healing up the gut are important.  Here is the step that is most often neglected – retraining the immune system so it doesn’t continue to be confused about which food is the enemy.

The success of food intolerance testing and treatment is apparent when patients tell our office how lucky they feel to be a patient of Dr. Shannyn’s since it has changed their lives.  Parents report that a blanket has been lifted off their child while adults report that they feel like their life has been renewed.

Dr. Shannyn is available to help you with your food allergies and reactions with remedies to change your life, as well.  Email or call for a free 10 minute consult.


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