The Plague of Allergies

Are you sick and tired of sneezing with eyes that are gushing water? Tired of itchy nose, itchy throat, itchy eyes? I mean, come on – there are better things to do in a day, right?

Allergies plague many Americans, and here in Southern California our local Santa Ana’s and heat spells can really exacerbate our symptoms. There are lots of things that can trigger our allergy type responses, including trees, pollen, cats, dogs, horses, foods, perfumes, soaps, and so forth. Some can be controlled more easily than others.  In our La Mesa Naturopathic Medical Clinic, we work on strengthening your overall health so your body doesn’t need to be so hyperactive to the things that appear foreign.

Most patients who come to me would like to get rid of their allergies once and for all. After working with me for a season and adjusting their diet, optimizing their nutrient levels, getting a few herbs and addressing any underlying health problems, patients can potentially be allergy free the following year!

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