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2 years ago

Algae, especially blue-green like spirulina, is rich in nutrients and helpful in treatment of ADHD, PMS, weight loss, anxiety or any stress, diabetes by increasing the metabolism, immune system and ... See more

2 years ago

Homocysteine, when high, marks inflammation of the heart. Simply, homocysteine is an amino acid broken down by B vitamins.

2 years ago

Working out can have a beneficial effect on immune function within minutes! Effects on the mood and microbiome is an added benefit.

2 years ago

Sleep deprivation is know to interfere with immune function and can significantly increase the risk of getting the common cold.

2 years ago

Wellevate has an app now! Order your supplements online and know they are safe.
Note: Sign up for an account here first: https://wellevate.me/journeyofhealth

2 years ago
The Most Comprehensive Gluten-Free Candy List Available

If you must have candy for Halloween, here is the gluten free list...

Find a comprehensive gluten-free candy list to show you which popular candy types and brands are gluten-free and which ones you need to avoid.

2 years ago
The Three Most Dangerous Drugs for Bones

Prednisone, Proton Pump Inhibitors for GERD and several antidepressant classes endanger the bones. Fortunately- there are great options to get off these.

We know that all medications come with side-effects and risks—but one serious hidden risk of a wide range of medications is osteoporosis and fractures. And too many doctors aren’t talking about ... See more

2 years ago
A Heart Risk Factor Even Doctors Know Little About

Just another reason to have your naturopathic doctor order your labs! Run a Lp(a) with your Lipids. Lp(a) is actually not too hard to lower in my world....

Up to one in five Americans have high levels of lipoprotein(a) in their blood, putting them at risk of heart attacks and strokes.

2 years ago
The Online Nourished Festival, a FREE online gluten-free festival

My favorite gluten free event of the year from your own living room!! Yum!!

Enter early to win special prizes!

2 years ago
Vitamin D can help reduce coronavirus risk by 54%: Boston University doctor

Vitamin D is one of our biggest helpers.

Getting sufficient amounts of vitamin D, a nutrient the body makes in response to sun exposure, can reduce a person’s risk of getting coronavirus by 54%, new research from a Boston University…

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