Parasite & Bacteria Cleanse

Our Parasitic & Bacteria Cleanse Program will help you identify the bad bugs  (parasites or bacteria) that are invading your body and preventing you from living your healthiest life. A 12-week program, it includes:

  • A 1-hour intake visit with Dr. Shannyn Fowl
  • 2 30-minute follow-up visits with Dr. Fowl
  • A phone check-in visit with Dr. Fowl to evaluate your progress and answer questions
  • Blood work
  • 2 stool panel kits
  • $75 toward products

This program can be modified for children.

Offered for a discounted price of $900 (normally $1204) – 25% off!

Call us today at (619) 772-1164 to schedule your first visit.

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